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Correspondent Banking

Service for bankers from bankers who face the same issues as your bank!

The Correspondent Banking Department at Cornerstone Bank can help you provide all the financial services your customers need, quickly and efficiently, right in your hometown.  In addition, Correspondent Banking offers operational services that may not be readily available to you, allowing your bank to operate more efficiently.  Whether you choose to utilize some or all of our services, you’ll find that Correspondent Banking with Cornerstone Bank will help your bank to achieve its goals of growth and prosperity.

All these services and more are available to you from Cornerstone Bank. A bank that shares the small town values of personal service and accountability…yet has the technology and the resources to offer the same full service as the larger banks.


Operational Services

  • Fed Funds Purchases and Sales
    To assist you in maximizing funds management, you can purchase and sell Fed Funds directly through Cornerstone Bank.
  • Cash Letter Clearings
    All your outgoing Cash Letters can be cleared directly through your Correspondent Account at Cornerstone Bank.
  • Wire Transfers
    Your Correspondent Banking Account can provide wire transfers for your customers, as well as for your bank, through the Federal Reserve System.
  • ACH Intercept
    ACH transactions are intercepted and transmitted directly with the correspondent client including processing of ACH returns and Notification of Change (NOC) requests.
  • Bond Accounting
    Management of the correspondent client’s bond portfolio including transaction processing and pricing.
  • Safekeeping
    Safekeeping services for securities as well as pledging requirements.
  • Trust Services
    With your Cornerstone Bank Correspondent Account, you can have direct access to our full service Trust Department.

Computer Services

  • Data Processing
    Cornerstone Bank has all the capabilities necessary to be a complete Service Bureau for all your data processing needs.
  • Debit & VISA Check Card Support
    If you currently rely on Elan or Fiserv EFT to drive your ATMs or only issue Debit Cards or VISA Check Cards, you can now have card support at a fraction of the current industry cost.

Loan Services

  • Overlines
    Whether your overline needs are for liquidity or due to exceeding your legal lending limit, we can assist you with all your overline needs.
  • Bank Stock Loans
    Cornerstone Bank is happy to consider bank stock loans to qualified individuals or holding companies for refinancing or acquisitions.
  • Direct Personal Loans
    Should one of your bank officers desire a personal loan, we will provide the same personalized service and attention given to all our customers.

Contact Marc Haggadone to learn how Correspondent Banking at Cornerstone Bank can help your institution.



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